Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back from vacation

Last night we got back from a week in Utah... back to the heat and humidity. We are under a heat advisory for the next couple of days at least, gotta keep the kids inside as much as possible and hydrated, too. We might need to go to the movies in the next couple days, and the library, and the pool too....

Here are some of the trip highlights--
*My flight out of KCI getting delayed and then being stuck in the Denver airport for over 6 hours, unsure if I would make it to my high school reunion. Living this day on 3 hours of sleep and with a 2-year-old, and her car seat, in tow.
*Flying standby for the first time, and making it to Utah in time (barely) to see my friends at the reunion. It was so much fun. And weird, but fun.
*Oh yeah, I would have had the privilege of flying into Provo if the standby thing hadn't worked out. Crazy, huh. (depends on how much you know about Provo, I guess.)
*Lots of family bonding.
*Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows for the second time. I had forgotten most of it. Ready to watch movie #7 (I think I'll buy the DVD) and maybe #8, soon.
*Meeting new friends from the quilt blog world. (This will be its own future blog post... but we had fun, and delicious cupcakes.)
*Getting into Doll Quilt Swap #11, yay! I am excited about whoooo I am sewing for, this time. I have a couple of ideas for this person, maybe I'll make a sample block or two in the next couple days. I made a mosaic of quilts/ideas I like, in case the person sewing for me is curious:
DQS11 inspiration mosaic
The missing photo up there is a zigzag quilt. I was feeling too lazy to go back and edit my mosaic. And yes, some of these have been in previous DQS mosaics I've made.

Last week I did some machine quilting for my mom (it's super secret, well one person can't know about it, but it is really cool, and I used disposable cleaning gloves for my quilting gloves), and this morning I took in the elastic in my skirt waistband, but other than that, I haven't sewn for like a week and a half! I've missed it and have a bunch of things I want to work on this summer.


Sharon said...

Glad it all worked out. I hate those flying stresses, it can ruin a perfectly good vacation.