Wednesday, April 12, 2006


We need to come up with names. I have 4 Wee Bunnies in various stages of completion. I am going to work on finishing them up, digging up my embroidery floss, and doing a bit of sewing room organization. The bunnies are pastel yellow, green, pink, and lavender.

I ended up cutting out an apron for me out of the same fabric that I'm using for my son's birthday apron.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I cut out a skirt for me today, and aprons for my boys. They will both be cute, but especially the one for my younger boy. I think I'll trace a bigger pattern and make another one for me from the rest of the fabric. I've been making bread every week for 4 weeks now and it would be nice if I had an apron.

I'm still thinking about making a couple of Wee Bunnies and tomorrow I'm also going to cut out the pj shorts for my son and his friend.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

all torn up

The sewing room is all a mess and not functioning. We got new bunk beds for D's room and now I need to make room for a queen size bed (that D was sleeping on) in the sewing room. Just in time for out of town guest season that is coming up right away here! I took down my big table and will have to do without it. Which will be fine as it is just a clutter collecting place. I probably can make do with just my serger table but it will be a bit of a squeeze to have two machines on one table.

I'm also thinking about decluttering. I have a whole box of quilt magazines and I think I'm only going to keep the few that actually have projects I really love and want to do in them. I also have fabric that I can get rid of. Need to work on that this week.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I guess I didn't push publish after that last lovely entry. My 2 year old, oh yeah he's 21 months old, not 2 yet, is painfully outgrowing naps. Painful for me when he's up until 11:00 at night. And when he's practically swinging from the chandeliers, and stripping naked and trying to get into my husband's expensive musical equipment when he should be in bed. He napped well today, and not exceptionally late. I woke him up at 5:00 when we took my older son to karate and he probably slept for 2 hours before that. He's going without naps about, almost half the time now. He's just not to the point where I can really deny him a late nap when he reallllly seems to need it. I have once or twice, or I've delayed him for an hour or an hour and a half when he wants to go to bed at 6:00.

Anyway I have another new idea; I'm going to make myself a dress. I've worn skirts and tops to church for years while pregnant or nursing and while I'm still nursing it doesn't happen at church anymore and I think I'll celebrate by making myself a dress. I'm trying to find the perfect pattern; what I want is something just below knee length, knit, with a modest v-neck and some kind of surplice or wrap detail on the bodice. And short sleeves. I'm finding some that are close by searching "70s v neck dress pattern" on eBay but I haven't totally hit the jackpot yet. I went through a bunch of Dressaday's archives but didn't find the perfect one there although I did get some ideas.

And that reminds me, I'm going to put a couple of links in my sidebar there now.

Current projects: rethreading and then sewing red/striped raglans and unders for the boys. And then maybe the 3 pair of shorts for ds1.

learning html

I've been working on my ebay auctions a bit today; it will be a first for me. I want to learn html. I have a fun idea for kids' t-shirts. My youngest is naked so that will be the end of this post.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fresh Start

I've been thinking of starting a new catchall blog to write about my whole life but still haven't come up with the perfect name. So for now I'm doing a sewing blog and we'll see how that goes. Of course I can write about whatever I want but I always seem to need to write about my sewing.

So, here is one of my latest projects--shirts and unders for my boys. One of the shirts is an extra and is for sale at my little shoppe at Sewing Mamas Shoppes. How's that for a little spam.

Current projects I'm working on include more stripey shirts and unders for the boys, and a pair of shorts for my newest endeavor, sewing for eBay. I'll have my first auctions up in just a few days. I'm nervous about it but I just need to go for it.

I made a bedskirt yesterday. It isn't perfect but it's a much better look than my turquoise box springs hanging all out.

I also have 3 pair of shorts for my older son cut out and birthday sewing for him in the works that includes an apron, chef hat, and football-themed pj shorts for him and his best friend.