Wednesday, April 09, 2008


It seems like we were waiting forever for my oldest to lose his first tooth. He's almost 8 years old, and the dentist has been telling us for the last year or so that he would start losing teeth soon, and to call him when it happens. Well, last week, my son told me his tooth was growing "over the gum" in his mouth. I looked in his mouth and it turned out that his permanent tooth had already erupted... behind his decidedly non-wiggly baby tooth. We had the dentist take a look and were told that the roots weren't dissolving and D needed to get his teeth pulled. So... today was the big day! D got 3 shots to numb the whole area, but our dentist is so good that the shots didn't hurt and getting those two teeth pulled was no big deal for my boy.

We designed the tooth pillow together this afternoon. The mouth there is a pocket, you see. Cute, huh?