Saturday, March 28, 2009

keeping busy

I haven't posted here lately but I have been sewing. For the last couple weeks I've been working on my two secret projects, I finished the top and bottom of the churn dash quilt, made some geese for the twiddletails BOM, and this past week I worked on a couple baby dresses and a pink camo t-shirt for me. I finished up L's dress today and it's cute but I'm a bit disappointed in the pattern. I'm making this dress. It is far too wide, at least in the size 62. I'll have to see how the 80 that I'm working on ends up. I also had issues with my &*(* coverstitcher skipping stitches and had to rip out a few things.... I'm redoing one of the binding pieces on A's matching dress. It is hemmed already, but I have to do the back bodice binding again, sew gathering stitches in the skirt, and put the whole thing together. I will work on getting photos taken and post them in the next few days. I'm ready to go back to some quilting work and then woven clothing for a little while before I get back to knits.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

churn dash

I decided to start blogging about projects in process instead of only posting finished things. I'm working on this churn dash quilt for the Mountain Baby Blankets project. I sewed up the last 4 blocks for it yesterday and then decided to try the stars in the sashing last night while I was falling asleep. I like it! I was hoping to finish getting the top together today, but I have a baby, and I haven't slept all that well for the last 3 nights, and I have dishes and laundry to do and all that stuff. So it's not done yet. But it's getting there. I'm going to do some fun piecing for the back, too.

I started block 2 for the Geese in the Forest block of the month project. There are 27 of this month's block in the finished quilt. I have one done (orange!) and 2 more in process for now.

Saturday, March 07, 2009


I made these on Monday. I think. For me. I really like them. I used squares from an Urban Couture charm pack I got at my LQS. I'm going to see if I can find the Martha Stewart Kmart towels I've read about online for my next dishtowel project. These ones were from Target and they are a little thin.

I made this shirt last Saturday for one of the neighbor girls. She's 5. Crazy that I remember meeting her as a very small baby. Pattern is from Ottobre Design 3/2004, this shirt was size 110.

I've also worked on secret project #1 this week, and plan on getting it done by early April and then I'll be able to show it.

And I worked on the set of 16 diapers for my baby girl, I didn't take a picture though.

She's crying and I've gotta go.