Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hawaiian July 4th Shirts

Last year I made really cute 4th of July shirts for the boys out of a woven print from JA, white background with wee red, navy, and light blue stars on it. This year I looked locally for good red, white, and blue fabric, and just couldn't find any that I really liked. So I asked for a little help on and someone pointed me to really great red, white, and blue Hawaiian fabric. It actually came from Hawaii. I was so excited when it came that I sewed up the shirts within 2 days. I will have cute modeling photos when the time is right. Still deciding if I should make bucket hats to match.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Finished baby quilt for C

I have 8 nieces and nephews and 2 kids of my own and I've made baby quilts for everyone except the steps who I didn't know when they were babies (2 of them). This is for the newest baby, C. She was born in January. So it's about time I get this sent off to her.

I will be making 2 more quilts this summer--one for a boy and one for a girl. I don't know what they're going to look like yet but I have some ideas for the girl one.

I got the idea for this quilt from a magazine pattern by Valori Wells. I used the color scheme and square in a square block ideas from her pattern but didn't use the large print fabrics that were in the original.

Never been tagged

My first meme. Oh my. I'm supposed to write 7 random things and then tag 7 bloggers to do the same. (Amy's who tagged me.)

1. I'm left handed and so is my dh. Our children are both right handed.
2. I like crunchy supreme tacos from Taco Bell.
3. I worked at McDonald*s as a teenager and it was a good experience.
4. I have an unfinished quilt project that I started in 2002. I'm still planning on finishing it but don't know when.
5. I want to live closer to our families some day. We are a 2 day drive away right now.
6. I am getting started on red, white, and blue Hawaiian shirts for my boys today.
7. I'm reading Summer of the Monkeys to my 7 yo.

So... who I'm going to tag...
Kerry, Rebecca, Kathy, Kami, Shannon, Stephanie, and Jill

Monday, May 21, 2007

foldover bag

Finished this up for part of a trade I'm doing. I like it but boy am I getting sick of this particular corduroy. I have a skirt, jacket, and library tote all made from this fabric. I do really like the various buttons.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

sewing slump

I am having a hard time with procrastination and, let's face it, laziness, about sewing. I'm needing to be working on some items for a swap with a friend and I'm having a hard time getting to work! The tote bag is done all except the handle. And it is a very cool bag so maybe I should just go make myself sew for 15 minutes and see how it goes. I even have the handle pinned, ready to go.

I also have some mending that I'm doing for a friend. Ugh. I should just go do it and be done with it.

Then also I am thinking about business sewing and how much if any of that I want to do anymore. It is hard work to sew for money and I'm leaning towards not wanting to put my energy into it, at least online. I think I do want to get some labels for my own kids' clothing and maybe sew a little bit for local friends.

Finally upcoming projects I want to make: *the gathered neckline Otto tee for myself. I even have the fabric, nice thick maroon rib. *Blue camo tees for my boys. *New pj tees for my younger boy. *The 10-gore skirt from Ottobre for myself. *4th of July woven camp shirts for the boys. *Nappy bag for the pool.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

pajama shorts

I sewed up 6 pairs of pj shorts for my boys. They are big and I'm really hoping they will last 2 summers. Probably my most favorite instant gratification item to make. I also made my version of the maternity top in the new Ottobre woman, for my friend. I made it a regular t-shirt instead of the very-low necked cross top. I really like the gathers in the side. Maybe someday I'll make one for me.

Up next--tote bag and baby quilt.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I just (finally) finished these jeans for my son who is now 7 (yay!). I am ready to buy a new sewing machine. My Wlamrat brother is just wimpy--for this at least--and the old Viking I use for heavier stuff like jeans hems has been not working well for that any more.

I'm intrigued by the Bernina BSR machine(s?) and might look into that. Depending on the price, that might be cool, especially if it can also handle garment sewing that occasionally gets a little on the heavy duty side.

They are from Ottobre design 03/05. I'm ready to take a break from sewing denim for a while and give my poor wimpy machines a rest.