Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Finished Christmas Pillow

I finished up this Christmas pillow cover yesterday. I had to take my sewing machine in for a tuneup early in December, and when I got it back home I thought I would have time to finish this up, but my machine started squeaking partway through the quilting. So it went back to the shop for another week. The second half of the quilting was squeak-free, thankfully.

I had originally thought I would make the pillow with big triangles on the front, but decided I liked the smaller ones better. I had a bunch of the large ones cut out though so I made the pillow back with them. The back pieces overlap by about 5.5" and are made of a double layer of fabric, but not quilted.
I kept the quilting pretty simple, I like it. 

I cut out a few quilt blocks while my machine was back in the shop and that's what I started working on today. I hope to have some more finished projects to share soon!

p.s. I edited my Made in 2013 post to actually show my mosaic, changes over at flickr have been messing up my blog a little bit!