Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Finally I had a productive sewing day. I finished the flannel pants for my husband. I made a bag for the megabloks. I love megabloks, but hate how they are spelled. I think they are a great toy but we had too many for the existing bag, and it was old and cracked vinyl so it had to go.

Here are the blocks all bagged up:

I ironed the fabrics for the baby quilt I'm making:

And, to help calm down a frustrated 3-year-old who wanted to go outside but only through the GARAGE door, and I said no, because he was standing there with the door wide open and letting in cold air, and he refused to go out the regular front door, and then he carried on, crying about this, loudly, for about 25 minutes, well he brought his cute webkinz Toto to me, along with a little scrap of fabric he's been carrying around for days, and asked if I'd help him make pants for Toto. So I did:

Silly, huh?

They aren't quite perfect, and I forgot the tail hole, so it was a total afterthought but still worked out ok. I would like to figure out how to post a PDF pattern of the pants pattern and my webkinz t-shirt patterns too. If anyone has any ideas on that, let me know.

Also, I went running. It was 37 degrees and after I warmed up, it felt really good. Running in the cold is much better than running in the heat.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I'm slowly making my way down the list of things I need to sew. I finished this quilt top today:

And I made a couple little pairs of polar fleece socks for my boy and his friend. I had visions of a cute photo of 4 fleecy feet but wasn't able to pull it off, so you'll have to imagine them.

I have a couple patterns traced and cut out, as well. And I have my nephew's baby quilt planned out; need to go to the quilt shop and find fabric to coordinate with the stripe I already have for it.

And finally, who's in Mission? Just wondering. Do I know you?

Friday, November 16, 2007

What I've been working on

I've been piecing quilts for a sort of service project for a family in our homeschool community. I think this one will be getting 2 more borders. Figuring out how to do those angled segments was quite the brain exercise.

And, another scrappy log cabin project. I like squares. This quilt will have some strips of the balloon fabric, same as the blue quilt above, in between the log cabin rows and those scrappy square rows. Here are my dimensions for the 12" scrappy log cabin block: center square is 3.5" cut, 3" finished, and log strips are 2" cut, 1.5" finished. You can read more about scrappy log cabin blocks here. I've done them in 9-inch and 12-inch sizes now.

Something I've been thinking about for a day or 2 now is making a quilt (or 3) to submit to this show. I have one idea that I'm going to start on for sure. I don't feel like I do really "modern" quilting, at least not as I see on all the trendy craft blogs, but I'm going to see what I can come up with.

Also, I have another baby quilt I need to make for a nephew who was born in August. And... I have another pregnant sibling so that'll be one more baby quilt to do by the middle of next year.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Belated Halloween Shot

I got burned out on Halloween this year, which is partly why it took me so long to post about it. It makes me a little worried about Christmas, since the advertising and sales have already started. Christmas music too, although I'm not listening to it yet. We're not going to decorate until after Thanksgiving. I need to figure out the budget and gift lists and decide how much I can actually do handmade and stay sane.

So... here's the official Halloween portrait of my kiddos:

J. wore his costume from last year. I have to admit feeling like a bit of a costume snob. I love that this firefighter costume held up so well over a whole year of dress-up play and still fit him well enough to be worn a second time (Last year I made it too big on purpose.) I'm so glad it's over and that I don't have to think about it for a while.

And here are the pajama pants I finished up for the boys last week:

I now know that 2.5 yards of one kind of fabric is enough to make them each a pair of flannel pants. That might not be the case next year when J will be in a larger size. My secret is that I have a whole bunch more of the dark green flannel (it's printed with submarines and radar graphics) and I'm going to make flannel pants for my husband, too.

Other sewing news:
I've been working on quilts for a service project type thing. I may post a picture of, yep, scrappy log cabin blocks, later on today or tomorrow. Or soon.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Winner!

The winner is Lesha! Lesha, I've emailed you using your email address on your Blogger profile. Thanks so much to everyone for participating!