Friday, May 16, 2008

little update

I got some tips from this blog and also used the new (to me at least) blogger template stuff and changing things around wasn't too difficult. The photo could be better, I know that. But it's good enough for now.

2 sick kids

The boys are sleeping on the couch and the big chair in the living room. I wish they could just get and stay healthy.

I worked on sewing some maternity pants last Saturday and they are too small. But very cute. Too bad. I haven't done any sewing since. I did make a banner for the top of my blog but I'm a little scared about trying to tweak things.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

watercolor quilt top

Well, I didn't finish this by the end of March as I'd hoped, but I did get the watercolor quilt top finished.

I'd like to put a 6 inch or so border around it, and am considering dark brown or black. What do you think?

Unfortunately it is going back to UFO status because I have a bunch of other things I need to make before I'll have time to finish this one. There are more pictures and a bigger view, if you're interested, at my flickr account.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Well I finished the watercolor quilt top a few days ago but haven't gotten around to taking a picture yet. My sister's baby is due in less than 2 months and I need to make her Noah's Ark quilt... better get on that. And my latest project was surgery on my son's baseball jersey--why they buy adult size t-shirts for 7- and 8-year-olds is beyond me. It looks pretty good on him now and isn't super weirdly bulgy when he tucks it in anymore. I also fixed up my friend's son's shirt as well.

I have a few other sewing projects lined up and ready to go... whenever I get some energy. The main reason I haven't been posting or sewing for that matter is that I'm working on a bigger creative project, baby #3. I'm about 9 weeks now and am having some good days but I'm tired a lot and dealing with some nausea issues too. Hopefully I'll feel much better by June!