Saturday, March 07, 2009


I made these on Monday. I think. For me. I really like them. I used squares from an Urban Couture charm pack I got at my LQS. I'm going to see if I can find the Martha Stewart Kmart towels I've read about online for my next dishtowel project. These ones were from Target and they are a little thin.

I made this shirt last Saturday for one of the neighbor girls. She's 5. Crazy that I remember meeting her as a very small baby. Pattern is from Ottobre Design 3/2004, this shirt was size 110.

I've also worked on secret project #1 this week, and plan on getting it done by early April and then I'll be able to show it.

And I worked on the set of 16 diapers for my baby girl, I didn't take a picture though.

She's crying and I've gotta go.


Heather said...

both the towels and the shirt are so cute! what a great idea for using the charms. . . I'll add your idea to my post!