Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finished Churn Dash Quilt


I finished up the Churn Dash quilt, oh a couple weeks ago, and washed and dried it. It came out really nice and crinkly and snuggly. It is quilted with swirly circles and a few stars. I did scrappy binding with mostly reds, and some chambray blue too.

I wanted to show my Paper Dolls fabric that arrived the other day. It is so gorgeous and I'm excited to make some dolls out of it for my sweet girl when she is a bit older. The dolls are about 8 inches tall, way bigger than I'd expected from seeing them online.

And look at all the clothes. Aren't they sweet?

These fabrics are by Sheryl Marquez, by Windham.


Kelli said...

Hey, Vicki! I do know you from Sewingmamas :) I'm KelliR now, used to be Mama2kjm.

Fun to see you in blogland, too.

LauraJ said...

You're pictures didn't show up. :( I bet it's beautiful.