Friday, April 03, 2009

Churn dash quilt progress. And a couple other things.

I finally got some time to post pictures. Here's the Ottobre dress I made for L. It's cute, and looks cute on her, but I don't love how wide it is. If I make another dress like this, I will probably go ahead and use the lap shoulder tee pattern with a narrower torso fit and improvise it a bit to make it into a dress. Also, I shortened the sleeves about 3/4 of an inch. Even though the dress looks so wide, it fits well through the shoulders and neck. I really like the Baby Lulu fabric this is made from, it is a ribknit with good body.

I got six of the March blocks done for the Twiddletails BOM. A lot of orange, and I thought I didn't have enough oranges. I have fabric picked out for 3 or 4 more. I'm out of solid white fabric except for some small scraps, so I'm going to use some white on white prints I have. I think they'll look good.

And I'm ABB (all done but binding) on the churn dash quilt. I'm almost halfway done with handsewing the binding to the back side. The picture of the front was taken by a 4-year-old. I had fun quilting swirly circles and occasional stars on this one.

I really like how the pieced back turned out. It was quick and fun to make, especially those strip stacks. I might have to be like all the cool kids and make a stacked coin quilt one of these times. This quilt is going to be sent to the Mountain Baby Blankets project.

The only thing bought recently for this quilt was the batting. It feels good to use up fabric I've had for a long time. Let me tell you about the blue bandanna fabric--it's from 1995 and it used to be a dress. It was really cute, but not quite the right fit for me, and definitely not the right style. (Empire waists aren't good on me.) I wore that dress at a sweet friend/roomie's wedding (we lived together for 3 school years) and maybe one or two other times. I like it much better in a quilt.

My next project will be finishing secret project #1. I will also be making more geese blocks. I will be starting secret project #3 (which isn't a quilt, and is actually 2 projects). I'll be making more dishtowels with my friends at church sewing group, and also probably cutting up a Martha Stewart tablecloth I got on clearance at Kmart... for another baby dress. This time I will check the width of the pattern before continuing with the project.


ezeldabeth said...

the dress is adorable! i really like the fabric i cant wait to make one for my daughter (though i am concerned about trying to adjust for the width, im just new to sewing)

Dielle said...

Gorgeous stuff, Vic! I love how your quilt turned out and the back is fabulous! I've never done anything but use a solid for the back and I love how this looks.

jacquie said...

wow...lots accomplished in this post...the dress is adorable, as is the quilt! such a great cause. i need to get on those geese too!

Sand and Sunshine said...

Awww! Your dress is divine. How old is L? It's so sweet when they are wearing those cute and cuddly clothes.

Your churn dash is really nice. I put one in a sampler quilt I've been working on they really turn out pretty. How many blocks are in yours?