Saturday, June 11, 2011

Quilt Backs

Rebecca at Chasing Cottons has a new post up about creative, interesting quilt backs, and I decided to show and tell some of the backs of my quilts.

scrap quilt back
back of my lavender scrap quilt (not very exciting but I LOVE this quilt so much)

Halloween doll quilt back
back of a Halloween mini-quilt I made

mermaid miniquilt back
this was given away on the old blog, here

Krista's quilt 3
back of my SIL Krista's quilt (me in the shadow)

quilt back--figgy pudding Christmas quilt
back of my figgy pudding Christmas quilt

DQS8 finished back
back of my chicken quilt for dqs8

L quilt back shrunk
back of my daughter's mermaid strip quilt

oh boy quilt back
back of my nephew L's quilt (hey it's almost his birthday again)

watercolor quilt back--finished
back of my Y2K10 insane quilt project quilt

shirt quilt back
back of shirt quilt, made for Grandma M with Grandpa's shirts after he passed away

No Prints Allowed Quilt Back
back of my "no prints allowed" kona challenge dear jane quilt

Do you have any interesting quilt backs to share? There's a link-up at Chasing Cottons... I'm going to go check it out!


Tiffany said...

Wow! Now I want to see the fronts of all those quilts! I am inspired.

Candied Fabrics said...

Those look great! WHEN I make full size quilts, which is very rare these days, I usually am so ready to be done with it I just usually do a whole back and move on! Next time, I'm gonna come to this post and get some ideas!

Cristin said...

mmmm I love quilt backs almost as much as the fronts, somtimes :-)
Lovely post :-)

Robyn said...

Just about everything I know about quilts is from my grandma. All of her quilts were backed with muslin. When I first ventured out in the blogosphere to look at other people’s quilts, I was amazed at “fancy” quilt backs. My mind was definitely blown. I love the idea of a hidden treasure on the back of the quilt.