Friday, December 31, 2010

Made in 2010

I look forward to making this collage every year. There were a couple more things I had hoped would be finished by today, but they're not. Here are some of my finished projects from 2010:
Made in 2010
1. rose velour hoodie dress, 2. DQS8 finish--"Six of One", 3. Oh Boy Quilt, 4. Eden charm pack dress, 5. 2 chickens, 6. downy quilt, 7. watercolor quilt front, 8. watercolor quilt back--finished, 9. day camp flag 2010, 10. finished circle quilt, 11. circle quilt closeup, 12. finished! turtle/hexagon quilt for DQS9, 13. finished pillow shams, 14. scrappy selvedge gift tags, 15. gathered clutch #1, 16. scrappy shirt, "leggings", 17. maple leaf quilt, 18. for Quilts for Kids, 19. charity quilt lavender and brown, 20. fairy costume, 21. mini quilt for guild swap, 22. 9-patch quilt finished, 23. finished shirt quilt, 24. plus pillows, 25. barn bag

In 2010, I made:
4 big quilts (bigger than baby quilt size)
5 baby quilts--3 for charity and one each for a new nephew and niece
5 quilted pillow covers
12 (I think) mini quilts
and several potholders

plus I knitted a couple of things and sewed a few clothing items.

I'm not going to talk about resolutions or goals right now, but some things I'd like to make in 2011 are:
*twin size quilt for Jacob
*another 9-patch quilt
*baby quilt for my sister's baby who's coming in August
*clothing items for me and my girl
*at least 2 charity quilts
*something quilty and Valentine-themed

What would you like to make or do next year?


Dielle said...

So many gorgeous things, Vicki! The watercolor quilt is just stunning! But my favorite just might be the chickens. Soooo cute!

This year I want to make a kaleidascope string quilt for our bed and a whirlygig quilt for Trey. I want to finish a flannel quilt that I started for Sage years ago, but gave up on because it was a serger quilt as you go thing and my old serger didn't have differential feed and it was getting all wonky. Sage found it recently and still wants it, and now my serger should do just fine, Yay! Oh, and with your wonderful encouragement, I really do want to try to design fabric. Those are my goals (in addition to losing another 25 lbs, LOL).

Nancy said...

Well, wow!! I love your Year-in-Review idea. A real sense of accomplishment and job well done. My goal is to continue exploring mixed media projects and learning new methods & supplies. Happy, creative 2011.

Bec said...

I love your collage... How do you make em?? Do people set them up in flickr?? I can't figure it out!!! If u get a spare sec, could you help me out!!! Yours looks awsome!! It's fun to look back over the last year!! Happy new year!! Xx

Anonymous said...

Very nice collage! I would like to finish my block for each month of 2010 quilt and my I-spy quilt.

Candied Fabrics said...

Woot!!! Look at all you've done!!! Look out 2011!!!