Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Sewing Summit

I'm still plugging away on not-very-exciting straight line quilting and sewing labels on charity quilts. I also spent a large chunk of time decluttering and organizing the toys today. There were so many little pieces and old batteries that I was happy to throw away but wondered why they were still around. I am thinking about making some kind of fabric basket or bucket or two, like this, maybe, for some of the toys we're keeping out.

Anyway since I still don't have anything new to show you I thought I'd tell you about the Sewing Summit really quick. Have you heard about it yet?
The Sewing Summit
The Sewing Summit is going to be next October, in Salt Lake City, and is being organized by the fabulous Amy, yes, the Blogger's Quilt Festival Amy, and Erin, who is the mastermind of Quilting Bee Blocks and also blogs at Two More Seconds. They are still organizing the event but there will be sewing, and great speakers, and swag bags (I think), and networking for those of us who love to sew. You can read a little more about  it here and here. So, yeah, I'm thinking I will be there. I can't say for sure 100% yet, but I'm hoping everything will work out so I can go. What about you--will you be there?


Leslie said...

that would be so much fun to go to.and i am with you. About every 6 months i clean out the kids things here at our house and there are so many broken bits that i clear it all out, wonder where it all came from again and why we have it if it isjunk!!!

Anonymous said...

oooh.... something to think about.