Friday, November 19, 2010

blocks ~2~

Here's what I worked on today in the sewing part of my life:
bee beautiful November block

bee beautiful block November 2010
These two are for Amy who is the woman of the month in Bee Beautiful. I like the primary colored one best--and it's not the best photo due to being finished after sunset.

I also made these 4 scrap blocks today and yesterday:
scrap blocks
I think I have a plan for these, for after I finish some other things and make a few more blocks in other colors.

I also worked on the toy/basement declutter and did some vacuuming (and got a kid to vacuum, too.) Will vacuum more tomorrow. And tended to my girl who's feeling somewhat but not all the way better.

Oh yeah, I had a question for you! What's a good seam ripper? I got the cheap Dritz one after it got a decent review in Quilter's Home a while back, and it is not cutting it for me. Not pointy enough. My old thread snippers were good for cutting stitches, but I've replaced them and the new ones are also... not pointy enough. Do you have a seam ripper that you'd highly recommend? Tell me about it!


kelly lautenbach said...

I like this seam ripper the very best of all that I have (and I seem to have quite a few!)

Leslie said...

i love love those first blocks, especially the second one. i love those fabrics together.

amy smart said...

I love what you've made!! Also, I'm so excited you're thinking of going to the Sewing Summit! I am totally going. I'm excited to meet people in real life!

Aunt Spicy said...

I have like three seam rippers around my house, but have no idea what names they are...

Those blocks are fabulous!