Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween wrap-up, NaBloPoMo

Hi friends! I am so glad it's November, and that we are past Halloween! I like it, but it wiped me out this year. I've had a stuffy cold over the past week and that combined with Halloween activities at school and church and plain old trick-or-treating was just... a lot! I went to bed totally exhausted a couple nights this last week and am looking forward to getting all caught up on my sleep soon.

Here are some pictures:
"Paul the Business Gorilla." He is wearing his dad's fur hat from Romania along with a gorilla mask that has the bloody parts covered with electrical tape (no scary costumes allowed at school.) He used a bandaid to cover part of the blood, too.
Indiana Jones. He didn't want to wear his full costume at any of the events, it was even hard to get him to let me take a picture. (He loves the hat though and it will get lots of dress-up play use.) He was "Indiana Jones slash vampire" for trick-or-treating and wore the vampire cape I made last year with his Indy pants and shirt.
Here's the little fairy. I ended up finishing the hem on her skirt with narrow bias tape. She accidentally ripped a section of it off when I first finished it, but it was a pretty easy fix. I don't know how long this skirt will last though, we'll see. I finished her shirt hem right before we had to leave to go to the school party.

 I got the wings at JoAnn's, I'm glad I didn't have to make them.
She really loved jumping in the big bounce house at the church party.

A couple more things--I am going to be posting every day in November for NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month). I did it last year, including the week we were gone on our cruise, so it should be a breeze this time!

And I have been enjoying the Quilt Festival over the weekend. I love that Amy has it set up with thumbnail images this time; it is so cool to look at her link-up and get a tiny glimpse of everyone's quilts. I have to say though that the best part is the conversations with quilters. I am trying to comment on every quilt (it might take me a few weeks to get through the list) and most people have emailed me back. I have added a couple of new blogs to my reader and am loving seeing all the quilts and reading their stories.

Oh yeah, one more thing--HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! I LOVE YOU!!


Fresh Poppy Design said...

What cuties! Love that he was a vampire/indiana jones, too funny. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your entry too btw.