Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Update

Working on my 9-patch quilting--I'm almost done sewing diagonal lines through the 9-patches, both ways. Then I will add horizontal and straight lines too. I started out with horizontal lines and had a bit of shifting, and realized that quilting diagonally causes less shifting, so I decided to do the diagonal lines to stabilize the layers and then add the other lines and hope it works out well without any/many tucks or puckers. I'm a little worried about quilting the borders and might do some free motion quilting there.

I went to the school for the Veteran's Day program. The kids all sang so well and it was touching to see all the veterans who attended the assembly. The only down side is that Sissy didn't get her nap. At the normal time, I mean. She fell asleep when I went to get #1 from Scrabble club at 4:30, and slept for almost an hour.

I have gotten a headache in the afternoon for 3 days in a row now. Not fun. Today is the first day I ever put a hot rice bag on my head and it felt good.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope you feel better tomorrow. I do love diagonal quilting on 9 patch and thing your quilt is going to look fantastic!

Meg Nelson said...

Hope the headaches stop. What a drag.

I have 4 daughters and the youngest (now 14) always fell asleep in route somewhere because of going to the older girls events. It's just the way it was -although I loved naptime!

Never heard of a school having Scrabble Club. How fun! I even would love it! When your kids are young, there isn't much time for Scrabble.

Take care and I hope those darn headaches go away.


Meg said...

krisgray said...

I've had the headaches lately, too. Hope yours goes away. My son rarely naps any more and when he does it's always around 4:30 and then have a tough time getting him down at bedtime.