Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Good morning! I just got back from taking the boys to school and voting. I wanted to share a couple of great blog posts about voting and women:

It's that time of year! Vote! by Meg at Material Mama.
Women's Duty at the Polls by Laura Ingalls Wilder, posted at Beyond Little House.

Also, one more Halloween photo:
skull pumpkin
This was carved by my 10-year-old. It's supposed to be 3 skulls. I think he did a great job!


Kelli said...

I voted! The line was the longest I'd ever seen at our little township hall. I was proud:)

by Daisy said...

i didn't vote of course, but next year we will have our own elections for president and I really don't like the one we've got now (he is expected to win again) so I'll make sure to go and vote. never pass out that oportunity, even if i'm not very interested in any candidate, but it wouldn't fair to all the women who fought for our right to vote and even during the 20th century we had a dictactorship for 40 years so now that we finally have a democracy everyone should vote. people who don't, don't have the moral right to critize the politicians afterwards.
oh and by the way, the pumpkin looks great (and scary as it's supposed to)
cheers from Portugal!