Saturday, November 27, 2010

busy Saturday!

*Spent some time cleaning and crowdsourcing the children to help with the cleaning and laundry folding.
*Had a new friend come over and videotape me quilting and talking about quilting and sewing! It is for a college journalism project and I will probably get a copy of the video after she finishes it up. I was a little nervous at times, worried about what my hair looked like, and didn't know if I was talking too much or not enough. I hope I did ok! While she was here, I quilted a super secret (not very big) project, and finished getting the binding on my 9-patch quilt, woo. hoo. Can't wait to get the binding handsewn and the quilt finished! (Including repairing that quilting mistake and putting on a label.)
*Made a list of things that need to be done before Christmas. Or sooner. I'm busy!
*Started getting out all the Christmas stuff. I got out the Little People Nativity and a couple other things. We might get the tree out tomorrow.


Leslie said...

This video interview sounds fun! We pulled out all the Christmas stuff....hopefully it will get done today.