Saturday, November 06, 2010

Links to Share!

Here are a few things I've come across recently that are cool/interesting. Hope you like them!

Smashing Magazine monthly calendar wallpaper. Every month, Smashing Magazine has a collection of beautiful, free wallpapers that you can download, with or without a calendar, to your desktop. Last month I had the cutest little gnome couple on my screen; now I have a beautiful fall tree with leaves on the ground.

Melissa of Living a Creative Life has great ideas about going to bed at a decent hour, as my dad would say. I totally need to work on this.

Family feeding dynamics. I was getting a little caught up with telling my kids (one in particular) to clean their plates every night at dinner and it was causing some stress in our family. I love so many things about the feeding philosophy taught at this site--having sit down meals with your family, not feeling guilty about what you are currently doing, all food has nutrients, the division of responsibility between parents and kids with regard to kids' eating habits. You totally need to check this out if you have kids and you feed them!

Inspired Ideas magazine. This is a gorgeous, amazing, free online magazine chock full of beautiful holiday crafts. I love the white wreath idea and there is an adorable Mary Englebreit printable craft in there too. Check it out!


Melissa Dinwiddie said...

Hey Vicki,
Thanks for mentioning my blog! I'm glad my post about going to bed at a decent hour was helpful. :)