Saturday, January 31, 2015

EQ7 Block Challenge

Hi! I found out earlier in the month that Electric Quilt was having a block design contest using the new Fresh Cut fabrics from BasicGrey, and decided to enter this block:

Here's what it would look like in quilt format with the blues, greys, and pinks from the line:

Or you could go all multicolor like this:

I had fun working with EQ7 and this fabric line. Guess I should make up one of these blocks in real life, next.

Monday, January 26, 2015

QDAD and miniquilt swap

Over the last couple months, I participated in the latest Schnitzel & Boo miniquilt swap on Instagram. My favorite thing about doing these swaps (I don't do them very often) is the challenge to make something the recipient will really enjoy. Also, I've been participating in the Quilt Design A Day group on facebook for a few months. I do not do a design every day, but I've posted over 50 designs to the group since last August. I ended up making one of my QDAD designs into an actual quilt for this swap.

Here's the design I posted to the QDAD group on 9/3/14:
I started with the cross and crown quilt block and changed it up, adding flying geese rows down the vertical and horizontal centers, and changing the corner units to a sort of bear paw shape. The QDAD group has a suggested palette each day and that's where these colors came from.

I wanted to make my mini with just one of these complex blocks, so here's what I posted to IG when I was considering this for my mini quilt design.
mini maybe 

And then I changed the colors (I actually used another QDAD palette) and added a sawtooth border as seen below:
mini maybe border 

I figured out the cutting and triangle math and sewed it up! Here is the finished quilt, 18" square:
sb miniquilt swap

Here's a closeup of the quilting:
mini quilting closeup

I've started another one just like it for me to keep.
A couple other things--I made some mug rug Valentines and sent one along as an extra with my mini:
I turned and topstitched the edges instead of binding such small quilts.

And, last week I made a 12th man quilt;go Seahawks!
twelve mini 

Hope you have a great week!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Scrappy Stockings (again)

I finished up 2 new Christmas stockings for my husband and myself about 2 days after we put away all our Christmas decorations. So I don't have photos of all five of our family's stockings together and the beginning middle of January is a weird time to share Christmas stocking pics but hey, I got them done and wanted to share.


I used a charm pack of BasicGrey Christmas fabric from a few years ago to make these stockings, with the charm squares cut into 2.5" squares for the stocking fronts. For the backs of the stockings, I sewed together more of the 5" charm squares. The backs of the stockings aren't quilted.

stockings back

I originally made this pattern up about 12 years ago when I made a stocking my for oldest son. In 2010 I had finished my daughter's stocking and I shared the pattern and tutorial on the Sew We Quilt blog. Last month I tried to retrieve the pattern from scribd, a process which was free and easy in 2010, and in 2014 it was not so easy. So I've uploaded it to Craftsy (for free) for your stocking making pleasure. The instructions are still available here on the Sew We Quilt blog. 

Here's the link to the stocking pattern. When you print the pattern, make sure page scaling is set to "none."

I'd love to see your stockings made from this pattern!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Here's my 2014 mosaic of completed projects:

things I made in 2014 

My main sewing goals for 2015 are to blog about my work in the Quilt Design a Day group, continue to create and post designs to the group, make a few of my QDAD designs come to life in fabric and thread, and make and sell some quilt patterns. 

Oh, and finish all my UFOs! j/k. Or maybe not.

Here's to a happy and peaceful 2015. 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Holiday Sewing

Happy holidays! We had a good Christmas here; I hope you are having a good holiday season, no matter what you celebrate.

I have been busy with sewing and life and not making time for blogging. Here's the start of some blog catch up.

I made potholder/kitchen towel sets for my sisters this year. I have 5 siblings and we have a rotation of which sibling we give to each year. Last year I didn't make a handmade item for my younger sister, so this year I made potholders and patchwork towels for both of them.
chicken kitchen set 
Chicken potholders and matching towels for my sister who owns chickens. The chicken block tutorial is here. I use one layer of heat resistant batting and one layer of cotton batting for my potholders.
pink orange kitchen set 
Pink and orange scrappy set for my other sister. I decided to use decorative stitches to sew the binding down on these potholders and it didn't end up looking as good as the straight stitch I usually do.

mom's pillow 
And a half square triangle pillow I made for my mom. I have a similar pillow on my couch and Mom really liked it when she visited this past summer. I had this one languishing in a UFO state and decided to finish it up and send it to her. I'm interested in experimenting more with value and HSTs one of these days.

A couple weeks ago, we had the holiday party for Seattle MQG. I made this SEW quilt.
sew miniquilt
This is my first try at trapunto. It was really easy and you should try it! I sometimes avoid trying new things and I'm glad I finally tried this technique because it was really no big deal. I can make up a mini tutorial on it if anybody is interested. 
zip pouches from seamqg party
And this is the gift I received. These beautiful nesting zip pouches were made by Ruth (I don't know her last name or have a blog or IG link for her, sorry!) It was fun when I opened the gift to unzip the big pouch and find the second one, and then to unzip that one and find the small one.

The other thing I wanted to share is the beginning of the Christmas stockings I'm making for myself and my husband.
stocking patchwork
Four years ago, I wrote up a tutorial for scrappy stockings on the Sew We Quilt (formerly Stash Manicure) blog. I had made these quilted stockings for my 3 kids but my husband and I have been using flannel stockings (with glitter on our names) that my mom made in 1996 when we got engaged 2 days before Christmas. I'm finally making matching stockings for us, even though Christmas is over for this year. The pattern I uploaded in 2010 is on Scribd and it was free to download at the time, but now you have to either pay money or upload a document in order to download something. I uploaded my heart block tutorial (I'll share here soon) and was able to download my pattern. I think I will put the stocking pattern on Craftsy as a free download and hope to show more progress on these stockings in the next few days.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Bloggers' Quilt Festival--Rainbow Scrap Quilt

Hi quilters! I was hoping to have my rhino quilt #2 finished in time for this edition of Blogger's Quilt Festival, but it didn't work out. I've completed most of the free motion quilting, but started having pain in my wrist a couple weeks ago and decided to rest it instead of push through and finish the quilt and make things worse. It feels a lot better now, so I'll probably work on finishing the rhino up soon.

I decided to share my Rainbow Scrap Quilt for Blogger's Quilt Festival. This quilt is a little heavier than some of my others, probably due to all the seam allowances as well as using a heavier batting than I normally choose. So now that the weather is back to the gloomy/rainy/dark season, I'm happy to have a bright and extra warm quilt to cuddle under. The kids like it a lot, too.

rainbow scrap quilt

Here's a close up of the flower quilting:

flower fmq

You can read more about this quilt here.

Thanks so much to Amy, as always, for hosting Bloggers' Quilt Festival! Stop by Amy's Creative Side to see all the quilts!

Friday, October 03, 2014

Project progress

So, I've been working on a few things since my last post.

My rhino quilt is all basted and folded neatly on the big chair. Here's what I did for the back:

And the backing where I cut the backing fabric out behind the big rhino applique:
Cut out the background from behind the big rhino applique. #rhinoquilt Time to baste. 

Here's an evening (poor light) basting shot:
All pinned. #rhinoquilt 

After I got the rhino all ready to quilt, I didn't want to start quilting yet, and I decided to make a couple blocks for my #apqquiltalong project. I ended up making 4 this past week. I really like this one:
 Took 56 minutes to sew. #apqquiltalong
For now, I'm planning on making (at least) 2 blocks a week until I get all 20 of them done. I have 7 so far.

I also finished round 13 on my hand pieced trip around the world. Pink henna garden fabric, so sweet.
trip around world 14 

Finally, just wanted to share my tutorial on Louise's Sew Ready to Play series. Her blog is I'm Feelin' Crafty and it was fun to make a project to share with her readers. I made a Uno card case so we can keep our new Uno cards from getting all bent and lost. See my tutorial here

Have a great weekend!