Friday, April 25, 2014

What I'm working on

A while back, my friend Kris and I talked about making charity quilts with other women from church, and this morning I finished up our group's first quilt top.

rwb star quilt top 
(Oh flickr why do you keep changing stuff?! I keep thinking I have the new setup figured out and then they change it again...)

I'm not actually sure where we are donating the quilt so I'll update on that when I know. We had 5 people contribute blocks to this quilt and hope more will join us next time!

I also started swapping x+ blocks with my Seattle MQG friend Tracey. I started making x+ blocks last year for myself, but I want them all scrappy and unique and I lost the energy to keep going with making just one of each block. I'm so glad Tracey agreed to swap with me!

March x+ blocks 
Our colors for March were yellow, pink, turquoise, purple, and green. We each made doubles of four blocks and then swapped, so we each ended up with 8 different blocks. We're using the badskirt tutorial for these, fyi.

Tracey chose navy blue, red, orange, turquoise/aqua, and grey for our April colors. I have half of my blocks done and need to get going on the other two sets.

I have been working on a quilt for a friend and thinking about working on my rhino quilt #2. I'm planning on doing a little sewing project with the preschool kids too. What have you been working on lately?