Saturday, January 27, 2007

Girly sewing

I am going to be making a Redondo skirt and Hermosa top this week for my friend's daughter. We picked out fabric today; hot pinks and oranges. It's going to be cute, and loud.

I have the opportunity to make a couple boy baby outfits but I'm not excited about them. I'm trying to avoid the word "should" in my life and don't want to feel obligated to make these. I think though that once I get started with them I will be more motivated.

I made a purple bag.

I don't know how to arrange the photos very well here. This is my new library bag. It is nice and substantial, much better than my old canvas tote.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Red hoodies

I got the cotton sweatshirt fleece from and while the finished product is nice and cozy, this fabric was kind of difficult to sew due to the thickness. Binding is black c/l jersey and it has a little bit too much recovery cut the length the pattern specified. So next time if I used binding fabric with lycra I would make it a bit longer.

I made size 122 again for my 6.5 yo and it's fine on him, and for the little one I bumped him up to 98. The baby/toddler versions of these patterns do not have a lot of ease built in so the 92 was really close to too small for him (even though the sleeves were still too long) and the 98 is oversized on him but not so much that it looks funny or anything. I really like how these turned out!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

bunch of pink stuff

These items are all for sale in my new shop at Hyenacart :).

Monday, January 15, 2007

8 out of 9

Hmm weird. I didn't know what would happen if I posted multiple pictures. This is a watercolor quilt that has actually been in progress since 2002. Actually it's spent a lot of time in storage but I decided to get it out and finish it by the end of March. I originally swapped with lots of online quilters for sets of 25 fabric squares when I started this back in '02 but I ran out of darks. So I put out a plea at my sewing website and got dark fabric packages from 2 people there and I think I have enough now to finish square #9. Just need to finish up a baby quilt and some red hoodies first :).

pink outfit

This is (ok, will be) for sale in my shop at hyena cart. I need to put the link up! Cotton velour paired with stretchy fishy print c/l jersey. I'm still going to take a better pic of the fish applique on the hat.


I made the stocking on the right for my 2.5 year old son. The other one was made a few years back for my now 6.5 year-old. I like the bigger piecing on the newer stocking much more than the tiny piecing I did on the first one but think the new one might have looked better with somewhat smaller pieces. I also used 2 layers of fabric for the back of the new stocking instead of one like I did the first time.

Christmas tree skirt

Here's the Christmas tree skirt I made. The binding was too narrow; I can do a fairly narrow binding (cut 1 7/8" wide to start) that looks good on the straight grain but when you do it on the bias it gets skinnier as it stretches. So... next time, start a bit wider when cutting binding on the bias.

"ugly" jammies and undies

Here are the pajamas and underwear. Lovely, no? I actually think the print looks fine with the blue fabric, but the orange... not so much.