Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Red hoodies

I got the cotton sweatshirt fleece from and while the finished product is nice and cozy, this fabric was kind of difficult to sew due to the thickness. Binding is black c/l jersey and it has a little bit too much recovery cut the length the pattern specified. So next time if I used binding fabric with lycra I would make it a bit longer.

I made size 122 again for my 6.5 yo and it's fine on him, and for the little one I bumped him up to 98. The baby/toddler versions of these patterns do not have a lot of ease built in so the 92 was really close to too small for him (even though the sleeves were still too long) and the 98 is oversized on him but not so much that it looks funny or anything. I really like how these turned out!