Thursday, November 18, 2010

sick day

I debated whether or not I should post today or not, because I don't have any sewing finishes or cool links to share, and would it be silly just to post for the sake of making my 30 day blogging day goal, it's just going to pretty much be a journal entry.

So I decided--here's the journal entry: up with sick 2-year-old most of the night. I don't want to be graphic, but I had to wash her hair twice. :( I was sure I'd be able to get a nap today, but it didn't work out. She did perk up part way through the day, which I'm grateful for. I got some laundry done, and sewed labels on 12 quilts while she watched "eye guy" aka Monsters Inc. on Netflix. I only have 5 labels left to sew on.

I didn't feel up to wrangling my big quilt so I worked on one of my bee blocks and a couple of scrap blocks for leaders/enders. (Really cute red ones.)

Tonight was the 1st grade program, and I went with the boys while my husband stayed home with Sissy. It was really cute with the paper pilgrim hats, speaking parts for all of the 90+ 1st graders, and good singing, too.

Hoping for more sleep tonight, and energy to get somewhat caught up on housework and sewing tomorrow. :)
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Anonymous said...

Hugs.... Hope today is better.

Meg said...

It's tough when those little angels are sick. And they get sick so often!

Hearing you talk about the Thanksgiving program sure bring back old memories (my youngest is 14). Remember them because you will miss 'em!!

Take care and hug your kids (hubby too!).