Friday, November 12, 2010

Dresden Plate (and another quilt dream)

Dresden Plate for Dresden Quilter
Here's my October block for Michelle. Better late than never, right? I'll be mailing it tomorrow. I made my signature block right after I took this photo and folded up the block and got it snug in its baggie. This is the first time I've made this kind of block--it's different from what I'm used to making, but I like it. :)

And here's a progress shot of my quilting project:
9-patch quilting progress
I have both the horizontal and vertical lines about half way done; this picture shows the corner where they are both done.I am pretty sure I will also be quilting straight lines just inside the edges of the 9-patch squares too. It will take a few more days of work to finish the straight line quilting and then I still need to decide how to quilt the borders.

Something I've been thinking about, because I need another project, is the Jane Stickle quilt. I bought the Dear Jane book finally and am excited for it to come in the mail next week. If you don't know about this, well, it takes the term "insane quilt project" to a whole other level. The original quilt was made (finished?) in 1863 by Jane Stickle and it was made of 225 different quilt blocks. There are squares in the center section and triangles going around the edges of the quilt--again, each one is different. Here's a link to the That Quilt flickr group if you want a quick look at what the blocks look like, and here's a group that showcases finished Jane Stickle quilts. And, look at this blog post to see several more finished quilts as well (scroll all the way down, you won't regret it.)

So, I have a color scheme in mind and hope I can find enough different fabrics in the colors I want. Have you made a Jane Stickle quilt? Started one? Do you want to? How crazy do you think I am?


Nancy said...

There are some blocks that are just "all-time favorites", and the Dresden Plate is one of mine. Nice job on this. The straight-line quilting is adding a nice graphic look to your quilt. And the Jane quilt? Admire the daylights out of those who make them, but have no motivation to make one myself!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty quilt block and love the quilting so far!

Clothed in Scarlet said...

Hey Vicki, I remembered that you mention line quilting this and that there was some shifting or something as you were working on it. I have my first quilt top, batting and backing pined together and ready to get started quilting. I've looked over your tut for free motion quilting and wondered if you had any pointers for straight line quilting? I think thats what would look best with this quilt (?I hope?? lol) ;0) I want to give it to my 29 old daughter for her birthday. Dont have outlook express set up on my computer, usually just use yahoo. Thanks for all your sharing :0) Sarah