Sunday, November 21, 2010

charity quilts delivered!

my girl with the KCMQG charity quilts
charity quilts and my 2-year-old girl
These quilts are going to babies who are in the NICU where my daughter stayed for her first 12 days when she was born 6 1/2 weeks early in October, 2008. My family and I took the quilts to the March of Dimes activity at the hospital today and got them ready for parents to choose their favorites:

NICU quilts all laid out

The March of Dimes coordinator told me that there are 18 babies in the NICU right now so our contribution of 27 quilts will be enough for everyone there now and they will distribute the rest of the quilts as new babies come in.

During the time we were there, only a few moms came in and picked out their quilts, but the March of Dimes volunteers will make sure that all the families get quilts for their babies over the next few days.

Thanks again, so much, to the Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild for agreeing to take on this project and working so hard to create all these beautiful quilts. Also, thanks to my mom and my friends Kim and Barbara who are not members of the guild (yet?!) but helped with the project as well. I am so happy this project went as well as it did and I'm grateful for everyone's generosity with their time, energy, skills, and fabric!

The flickr group with all the quilts made for this project is here.


Tim said...


What a wonderful thing to do for the Hospital. You and the others did a wonderful thing in donating these quilts.

In addition the sweet little model by the quilts is my favorite of the picture. Lauren is so beautiful. This is a very sweet picture of her.

G-Pa Tim

Anonymous said...

What an amazing gift you and your friends have created! After spending 2 nights in the hospital with a quickly mending 9 year old, I can't begin to imagine what it would be like to have an infant in the NICU...these beautiful quilts are a wonderful way to bring some joy to those folks - bravo!

The Paisley Abbey said...

What an incredible project, I know the quilts will be well loved. The picture with your daughter, a former NICU "client", standing beside the quilts is priceless!

Elizabeth said...

Wow. That is just amazing. You are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing this project.

xo -El

Anonymous said...

That's a whole lotta quilts going on... Big bravo to your group for getting the whole thing together!!!!!

Nancy said...

Really cute photo... it says a lot. And what a generous group to complete all of these colorful quilts!

Cristin said...

What an amazingly generous thing to do! LOVE all those quilts and it just chokes me up to think of all those little babies in the NICU receiving one of these quilts. Well done! I may have to suggest a similar project to my MQG in Columbus!

Cindy B. said...

What an awesome project! I myself had a six week early premie, too. I know the moms will be thrilled to have these!

Anonymous said...

What a blessing you are and a blessing you will receive!!!

Melissa said...

Thank you for coordinating the project. It was wonderful to be able to participate!