Tuesday, March 16, 2010

early spring sewing

So I've been working on some small things here.
This is my March block for Block Swap 2. It is going to Carin of Margaret's Hope Chest and will be part of a "man quilt". Margaret's Hope Chest is a wonderful organization that gives quilts to people in difficult situations. Please go look at their website, and if you want to know more about them, you can go listen to their (Carin and her mom's) interview with Jennifer of the CraftSanity podcast.
We are in the midst of spring break here, and my kids made some finger puppets yesterday. My 9-year-old boy did these with minimal supervision (apparently he even has hot glue gun skills now.)
I am almost done with my block for my other bee, but I decided to start something new for myself instead of finishing that up today. I got a Neptune honey bun with my birthday money and knew I was going to make pillows for my bed with it. This morning, I saw this cute project on Moda Bake Shop and decided to use that block idea for one of my pillows. These little guys are made entirely out of 3.5" strips. I'm not sure how I'll put it all together, but I like what I have so far.


Anonymous said...

Your boy's are so creative!! Love the neptune project!

Elizabeth said...

First, those finger puppets are ADORABLE. Second I LOVE your man quilt. And third I totally COVET the blocks you made from your honey bun. Loved the post today :D.

Craft-aholic said...

The Neptune line is so pretty. I have made several things with it myself. These blocks will make a great pillow. Consider sashing them with a solid that coordinates with the colors of Neptune to let the blocks stand out more!

val said...

This is going to be fabulous when finished - is a pillow what we would call a cushion in the UK? I hope you will put up photos of the finished item/s.
Thank you for such an inspiring blog, I am always popping in :0)
Blessings, Val