Thursday, August 20, 2009

some stuff you should know about

Have you heard about Craft Hope yet? Right now they are collecting handmade sock monkeys for Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp. The deadline is Sept. 18. I forgot to get a pair of long socks during my epic Target shopping trip last week, but I have a return to make (the ankle cuff socks will NOT DO for D, he wants the totally short socks!) and will get monkey making socks then.

And, another cool thing: Iraqi Bundles of Love--send your extra fabric, yarn, any craft stuff to folks in Iraq who can use them. Mailing due date for this one is September 7--hey wait, that is Labor Day (and my birthday :D) so maybe you should get it sent out by 9/5.

I have several big projects in line to finish up in the next few months. (I am busy with my baby. And the boys. And trying to improve my life in other ways and be balanced). But after I get about 7 or 8 of them finished, I am going to start one of these. Here's a partial list of my started quilt projects:
My watercolor quilt, aka insane quilt project. Going on 7.5 years since I began it.

Figgy Pudding Christmas Quilt

9-patch quilt--I am thinking about making it queen size. Sigh.

Geese Quilt

And also the quilts that are on deck for finishing this week (baby quilt, Grandpa's quilt).
There are more. I also have quilts in my mind that I need to make--one for my newest baby nephew, and a monkey one for my monkey 5-year-old. I really want to start a Dear Jane quilt, but must shrink my UFO pile first.


SewCalGal said...

Thanks for the insight on the charity projects. Both are great causes.

I love all your UFO projects too, especially your watercolor project. I have a large list of UFO's too!

Audrie said...

You're such a busy bee! Very impressive :)

Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

Hi Vicki,

Thanks so much for the beautiful mermaid quilt. I got it in the mail the day before yesterday. It is even more lovely in person. I especially like the bric-brac trim you used in just the right locations. It echoed the wonderful wave quilting. I also love the different textures you incorporated. Sew inspired am I, indeed!

I'm lusting after your watercolor quilt in progress. Wow!

Chase said...

I love your flying geese quilt! The first quilt is stunning! I'd love to see when you have it finish.

Leslie said...

i know how that goes...i have a unfinished pile that is huge!! and intimidating! You have a lot of projects in the works....i love the geese...they are fun

Dielle said...

That watercolor quilt is just stunning, Vicki!!!

jacquie said...

holy're working on lots of stuff...great stuff!

Sonja♥ said...

Your "insane quilt" is such a beauty!!! Good luck for this project:)