Sunday, September 23, 2007

projects update...

I did sew every day last week. I'm almost finished with the quilt binding and the photos for the tutorial. I knitted 2.5 dishcloths and made a sling. I had a bit of a fiasco with a shirt... it's kind of a bummer. I got this great shirt from goodwill to repurpose, and I downloaded and printed and cut out and taped together pattern for the Emily shirt from burdastyle. Anyway I hurried and cut out the shirt and sewed up one sleeve and... it's too small and the darts are weird. I can probably, sort of, salvage it, but there's going to be a lot of unpicking and I should really undo and redo the side darts. I was so clever too; I cut it so I'm using the original buttons and buttonholes from the shirt. See, it was going to save me time. I am planning/hoping on using the cuffs and collar from the shirt too but they probably will need to be altered a bit to fit.

So I need to let out the side/sleeve seam, I need to undo it so I can fix the dart first. I was really hoping this pattern would work and be easy. Oh well, I'm going to keep working on it and see if I can rescue it.

I need to get 3 quilts ready to tie for the church service activity, that's my absolute must-do this week. I am also getting Christmas ornaments ready to make (hand sewing) while I'm on my trip.


Kerry said...

I noticed your cute skirt at church yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to tell you that it looks great! Are you ready for your trip?