Saturday, June 10, 2006

wanting to just sew for fun

I am almost all done with my 2 customs for ebay and I'm wiped out. Tired of the work and time it takes. So for a while I will work on sewing for fun. Maybe I'll make one of the frayed edge flower quilt blocks that I really like from the new Quilt Sampler magazine. I need to ship the ebay sets like Monday if possible. I have another idea for a cute summery ebay set but just can't go there right now. I'll think about fall for a while. I do want to get out my New Conceptions pattern and make an outfit for Annie and see how that makes me feel. I really think I just need a vacation. Still thinking about starting yet another blog. Yup. Maybe I will put all my links in it of the blogs I like to read regularly. I kind of want to soo... I will.