Sunday, November 22, 2009

80s playlist for the weekend

I've been thinking, planning on what I need to focus on and what needs to be pushed back so I can get everything done I want to before Christmas. I have something cute in mind that I hope to be sharing later this week--something I thought about and then simplified so it should be much more easily accomplished. I am hoping to make a cape tutorial to share this week as well.

Here's a little weekend playlist for you--late 80s/early 90s. Pretty much a recap of my very first Columbia House order. Remember that?
A Girl Like You--The Smithereens
What I Am--Edie Brickell
Out of Control--Oingo Boingo
Half a World Away--REM
Walk on the Ocean--Toad the Wet Sprocket
As Long As You Folow--Fleetwood Mac
Misguided Angel--Cowboy Junkies

and a couple that were NOT from my late high school/early college days:
Don't Stop Believing--Glee version--being played, over and over, by my husband and 9-year-old
last but not least
Pi, Pi, Mathematical Pi--you HAVE to click on this one to see what I've been going through the last couple weeks. My son is memorizing Pi.
Notice I left off the beep beep boop song by Owl City. Don't like it. Overplayed on the radio and youtube at our house.


Jenny said...

Thanks so much, I for one would love a cape tutorial...and too funny, I was just listening to Misguided Angel the other night!

Krista said...

I still have that Pi song stuck in my head. I don't think we listened to any thing else all week. AHHHHHH!!

satsumababy said...

Tell me about it! My six year old sings Fireflies over and over. Must escape Owl City... BTW, he also love the Glee version of Don't Stop Believin'! It's kinda weird to hear him sing "for a smile they can share the night," though.

Unknown said...

fun list Vicki!

Terri said...

I am sick of that song too! But not sick of the sweet 9 year old. I miss him. By the way, did I leave my white shirt in your laundry?