Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

How's this daily blogging thing going for you, readers? I hope you're not too tired of me. Just a few more days and then I might take a break.

A couple things I wanted to share: Sew, Mama, Sew's Giveaway Day is coming up! Check in on December 2, I'll have finalized my little giveaway by then. And there will be lots and lots of other giveaways to enter over at the SMS site.

Something that I think is cool: Moleskine diary hack: 5 year diary. I got the large daily Moleskine diary about a month ago and have only missed one day since I started writing in it. The diary in the tutorial I linked there is the small one; with the big one, you get 6 whole lines to fill up each day. If you knew me back when, you know I used to always write in a daily journal, like for years and years, only missing a day or two here and there. Sadly, that habit has fallen by the wayside with babies and sleep deprivation and internet time wasting. But I'm getting back into it! Six lines at a time.

We had Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves. I worked really hard on that meal, and the boys helped with the rolls, stuffing, swedish potatoes (I love that Jacob calls them that) and corn. Cory helped with the clean up. Lauren helped with messing things up. We'll do the rest of the pans tomorrow, and eat leftovers for quite a while here. Hope you had a great day! Thanks for reading and commenting!


Audrie said...

I've kept a diary for years, and started doing daily entries ever since I got married... I've only missed a few days, which happened to be recently when I was so ill. There wasn't too much to write anyway lol I do keep a 5-year diary too... more for just me, and it's just snippets of the day.

Lorilee said...

I really like the journal. I think I could do a few lines a day. It doesn't look as scary as a whole page. Glad you guys had a good Thanksgiving! Sorry I didn't make it to JoAnn's with you.

Lorilee said...

Can you link up where you got yours?

Vicki said...