Monday, November 09, 2009


I've been interested in handmade books for a long time. My friend DL took a class in college that involved writing and binding a book. I can't remember how I talked myself out of taking that class, but I kind of wish I had taken it, now. She's made me a few really cool books over the years.

I found out about the Bind It All maybe a year or so ago and I think I'm ready to get one, soon. I recently made a few recycled notebooks by sewing paper and cardboard covers together (with the sewing machine), and my Annie's Arthur Mac n Cheese sewing project notebook, while super cute, isn't holding up very well; it's kind of coming apart at the seam. I think I would have a lot of fun making simple books with the Bind it All.

I think books, and other art-y things, made from shipping tags are cool.

I love the idea of making these tiny art pieces.

I want to learn more traditional, hand sewn bookbinding too. I think I need to get this mini-zine about codex bookbinding by Kristin from Craft Leftovers. For a start.