Saturday, October 02, 2010

where I'm at now... UFOs

I finished quilting the pink and green quilt today.
quilting finished
At the end, I was working on making the loops bigger. Maybe you can tell if you look close, down in the bottom left corner there. I haven't made the binding yet; I'll probably do that on Monday.

Here's another project I've been working on. Previously seen as a pile of fabric here.
leaf quilt 2 almost done
I wanted to have this finished before I showed it, but it's not there yet. I need to sew the binding down and do another round of hand quilting just inside the binding edge.

Here's the twin quilt: 
maple leaf quilt
This was a gift for a friend's birthday last month, and I had to make two... because I wanted one for myself and also because I make my half-square triangles in pairs and would have had extras if I only made one. Actually, I have extras anyway.

So--I think I'm going to extend my UFO week until the end of Monday and see if I can actually finish a couple more things and shrink my works-in-progress list. I am going to make myself a skirt next week though, and it's a new project. I already bought a sweater to go with it....


Nancy said...

Finishing things is such a good feeling. Wish I felt it more often! The kitty quilt is cute, and your friend will love this maple leaf gift.

Anonymous said...

Your hand stitching is beautiful!