Monday, October 18, 2010

finished quilt top!

Here's my 9-patch quilt top, all done!
9-patch quilt top
I made it following the quilt-along at crazymomquilts. I have batting for it but still need to get backing and binding fabrics!

Next up--blocks for Grandma Kathryn's quilt. (If you know her, don't tell, ok?)

I've made some progress on L's costume... found a tinkerbell t-shirt at Savers that I'll be cutting up and making into something really cool for her. I can't believe I found it, it's just perfect for her costume.

Also wanted to share--I really loved this post over at zen habits today. I love the idea of relaxing and focusing on doing what you truly enjoy.


Leslie said...

this looks great. i have all my blocks but have never had the chance to assemble all that i made for that quilt along. i should do that...seeing yours is a great inspiration.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

It a beautiful quilt! Can't wait to see it quilted Vicki!

Elizabeth said...

Yay! It is beautiful! Look at all those lovely nine-patches. And I love the pieced border.

xo -El

Melissa said...

That is one beautiful quilt! Doesn't it feel good to have it together? I started that quilt along but didn't love the fabric that I started with and didn't finish. I might have to try again! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love how this nine patch turned out! Can't wait to see it with quilting and binding;)

H said...

Yay! I found you! I LOVE your talent! =)

Kelli said...

Looks wonderful! I have one more border to sew on my nine-patch a day quilt and yet it just sits. This is inspiring, though :)