Sunday, May 03, 2009

4-patch baby quilt

This is my 7-year old niece's baby quilt. I actually haven't seen this quilt for years. I'm sure it has faded a bit as my sister says her daughter still uses this quilt. At any rate, the colors are not quite the same as I remembered. This was probably the 4th baby quilt I made; my oldest son has two baby quilts and my oldest niece has one that I hand quilted. I was going to say she got the only one I hand quilted but Natalie's quilt has quite a bit of hand quilting.

There were some fun fabrics in this quilt. I really liked the Pooh bear honey bee fabric. The mottled pink, I believe, is the same lacy pink print from JoAnn's that I used in the birthday calendar quilt I made for my mom (hey Mom, would you mind emailing me a picture of that quilt? It's another one I don't have a picture of.) The cute, bold pink plaid and the purple hearts fabrics were bought by Mom for this quilt specifically. I didn't have much of a fabric budget in those days. The border and some of the blocks have a cute, tiny lavender gingham in them. I made my first scrappy binding for this quilt. I really like the sole blue and green four-patch--that blue is also in the scrappy quilt I made at the beginning of this year and is scrap from the dresses Mom made us girls for Jim and Marilyn's wedding reception.

I have been looking at more of the quilts in Park City Girl's blog quilt festival today. And napping. Have a good week!


Mindy said...

You're inspiring me to make a new quilt and I haven't even finished the one I've been working on for 3 years! LOL!

hilary b. said...

Thanks for the comment... I really like your 4 patch and Noah's Ark. ANd, your great tutorials! I'm officially following your blog now! Thanks again! - Hilary