Monday, May 18, 2009

mini-quilt monday

I just found out about mini-quilt Monday today on my google reader thru AmandaJean and Apple Cyder. And Jacquie mentioned it a while back too, when she posted her cute clothesline quilts.

I picked up some Orla Kiely fabric, I mean tablecloths and napkins, at Target on Saturday and am planning on finally opening up my etsy shop. Today I made some mini-mini quilts aka coasters:

These will be for sale later in the week along with some other things, maybe a tote bag, maybe a baby dress, maybe a cute little girl skirt or something. I have a funny idea for part of the huge pear fabric I got.

Just for fun, here's a list of some of the in process projects I've got going on here:
Project Improv quilt bindings (I was given 3 to do and have one left)
blue/red scrap quilt
hourglass quilt
jeans (darn those jeans, I really need to just buckle down and make them)

and in my mind but not yet started:
baby gifts for 3 different friends
all manner of cute baby clothes for my sweetie
cloth kitchen napkins
shorts for the boys
pin cushion for example for church sewing group

I did finish some things last week and today so I think I'm doing well!


Amy, Dan and Ryan said...

These are adorable! I love the fabrics, too!

Amy, Dan and Ryan said...

I was thinking, these look like they'd make great/cute hot pads, too! (A little bigger, of course.)

apple cyder said...

good luck with your etsy shop! love the coasters and your cloth napkins.


urban craft said...

these are lovely. I haven't made a quilt but I think I can attempt a mini quilt with less fear.

sewtakeahike said...

Very cute! I have some of the kitchen towels which after washing were not printed on the grain and are very skewed. I just might have to make something like this!