Thursday, April 30, 2009

more scraps

I'm making another scrap quilt, this time with blues, reds, creams, and some yellow. Oh and some natural linen scraps too. I'm just working on this as I do other projects, these are pieced at the ends of my chain stitching so I don't have lots of thread tails to cut off.

I also wanted to show the skirt and hoodie I made for my niece while she was here a while back.

Ottobre design, issue 6/2007.

Skirt is from Ottobre 4/04. I also made a pair of pink shorts for her to wear under the skirt, again from Otto 4/04.

This past week I also made a blanket and burp cloth for my cousin's sweet new little baby. I have no idea if she reads this blog, oh well. I love this tiny pirate print flannel. I bought the fabric way before I was even pregnant with her, because if I was going to have a 3rd boy he needed this fabric. I decided my girl baby needed a pirate blanket even though it's not "girly" fabric.

There are a couple other projects going on that I'm not ready to share yet. But I've been having fun and enjoying cool fabric.