Friday, January 23, 2009

this week's sewing

I made some fun things this past week. Last week after finishing my scrap quilt top, I sewed up a sweatshirt for myself. I took a lovely self-portrait but the bathroom mirror was dirty so I'm not sharing it, sorry. It's a nice lightweight sweatshirt knit I got from and I really like it. I was happy to make something that was finished so fast after working on that quilt top for so long.

Then I made this baby outfit that I had cut out and waiting:

I was trying to make the top into a dress but it's not a dress, just a cute long shirt. I like it anyway. The patterns are from Ottobre Design, 4/2004 for the pants, and 5/2006 for the top (but I changed it).

The Kansas City Star had the first Block of the Month pattern for 2009 in last Sunday's paper. I decided to sew it up in a non-traditional colorway.

If someone knows the trick for doing those tiny 9-patches without them ending up smaller than the other block components, let me know. All those seam allowances made it so the block didn't go together as well as I would have liked. It was fun to make.

I also made my donation block for Project Improv. This was a lot of fun to make; I think it came out looking pretty good and I have some more ideas for whenever I do this kind of block again.

These two blocks were both 12.5", way bigger than what I usually do.

Finally, here's a tiny glimpse of a secret project I'm working on. I need to get to the quilt shop to buy some more colors I need for this project.

Next up--I am making another pink fleece hat for my baby. She outgrew her old one. Other things on my list:
*more churn dash blocks
*maybe add a scrappy purple border to my scrap quilt, then baste and quilt it
*vintage baby dress--I got this pattern at JA when Simplicity patterns were 99 cents last week but missed out on some other patterns. Next time I need to go closer to the beginning of the sale instead of the end.
*finish knitting baby hat (I'm making the Marley hat shown here)
*Valentine's redwork stitchery--isn't that cute?
*work some more on the secret project

I looked through the patterns on the Simplicity site and found a few things I want to make for myself--I'm getting ready for the next pattern sale, whenever it is, and spring. I like the short sleeved button-up view of this top, and am hopeful that it will work out ok for me based on the reviews at And they have a bunch of cute skirt patterns, too.

Oh yeah, I also wanted to share a couple of free block of the month projects I found recently. Here's a fun Noah's Ark project, and I really like the looks of this project, too. Who knows if I will get around to making them but I'll keep them in the back of my mind for now.


rdrop said...

i want to see what your new outfit looks like, try taking another picture! ^_^

your improv block looks sooo cute! I'm actually making two at the same time which is why I think it's taking me so long... 12.5x12.5 is way larger than what I usually do too.

I love your colorful block of the month! ^_^

jacquie said...

you have been busy. i envy that you've been sewing. this week has just been to crazy. i love your improv complex and fun! i must have missed the block in the paper...i'm not sure i've read the paper this week. maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I love the new outfit. It is so cute! Your squares look great to me. I love seeing what others are making. I have some pjs waiting for me to sew on today. Also am working on a quilt. Teaching my 14 year old to tie a quilt. I started her last night on making one for her self. It is turing out really cute.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my block. I really like what you have done too! These are going to look so wonderful when they are all together. :~)

Janis said...

Thanks for your kind comment. Your improv looks so cute too! I think we were on the same wave length - same color family and similar design. You did a great job!

And your baby outfit is adorable! I'll be back to keep up on what you are doing. Have fun!