Friday, January 16, 2009

scrap top finished

I decided I needed to finish this quilt top before going to pick up the kids from school. It has lots of mistakes and problem areas and I learned a lot making it. Mostly I learned that I won't do it that way again! I'm going to get batting this weekend and will finish this up soon.

I also saw this on Shelly's Quilts and realized I don't think I ever posted a picture of my quilt like that. So here it is:

I think I made this in 2001 or 2002. It has fluffy poly batting and minimal quilting. The batting beards somewhat and the binding is undone in a few places. But we all love that quilt for snuggling.


shellysquilts said...

Vicki, Thanks for the picture. I also used poly batting and tied my quilt and of course all the ties came out the first time I washed it. I thought I made mine in 2000 but maybe it was 2001. Happy quilting. Love the scrappy to top!

rdrop said...

Lovely scrappy tops! I'm kind of scared of scrappy tops... I'm always afraid they will come up iky but you're are sooo cute! You must have a good eye for color. ^_^

I'm trying to make a string quilt which is sort of a scrappy quilt too but it seems less scary to me somehow.