Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yes, you can save money sewing!

Something I hear a lot when talking with people about sewing... is "I used to sew a lot but I don't now because it doesn't really save me money." I'm here to tell you that it really is possible to save money sewing clothing for your family!

A few things I do that help me save money sewing for my kids and self:

I buy much of my fabric online, and I use coupons and shop the sales at the local fabric chain stores. I buy almost all my knit fabrics online because any knit fabrics available locally are usually too expensive or not the fabric content I want.

I keep some fabric on hand, and although I don't have a huge stash, right now I'm glad to have several colors of denim that I can use to make shorts or jeans for my boys when they need them.

I sew my children's pajamas. I make them flannel sleep pants in the winter, and light cotton woven shorts in the summer. They wear store-bought or made-by-me undershirts with their sleep bottoms. I like doing pajamas because they are just about the easiest project out there, so it's kind of instant gratification. I love having a finished project after about 20 minutes of sewing. Another reason I like sewing pajama bottoms is that I love all the fun prints that are readily available in flannels and cotton wovens. I definitely spend less to make these pajamas than I would and have in the past when I have bought pajamas for my kids.

All that said, saving money is not the main reason I sew for my kids. I sew because I enjoy it, I sew because I like the challenge of trying a new pattern or technique (or the challenge of fitting patterns for myself, which is the biggest challenge of all), and I sew because I feel like I put a little bit of my energy and love into the things I make for my boys. I also like the feeling of accomplishment, and of having made something cool looking and useful, that I have when I finish a garment and then again when I see my kids wearing it.


Kathy said...

Oh my goodness yes you can save money sewing! The thing that costs money is going nuts on fabric and patterns, and there are things that honestly cost more to make than to sew, but still. My hand sewn wedding dress (complete with re-embroidered lace and beading) cost a whopping $150 all told. Gifts, all the sewing you can do to decorate instead of plopping down $20 for a throw pillow - you can save a lot if you want to.

And it's a really creative and fun thing to do, which clinches the deal for me :-)