Thursday, June 22, 2006


I finished one pink baby outfit today and will work on the other set tomorrow, I hope. It was fun and easy to do on the serger; I have made this pattern several times for my ds2 before I got my serger and it makes a huge difference=less time with the serger. I did velour for the neckline and it's kind of wavy but I think will be ok.

For HB I am still contemplating making her several snap trainers too but need to buy some stuff for them. I want to stop by the OP quilt shop to see what they have as far as summer Hawaiian print fabric and get my scissors sharpened. I'm on the fence about making a summer surf ebay set; is it too late in the season or not? I have a plan for a really cool camo set and want to get started finding the fabric for the pants, that is if I'm not going to go ahead with the surf outfit.

I am also trying to brainstorm a new ebay ID; I kind of really don't like the one I have now, it doesn't reflect what I want it to.

I will put up a picture of some of the pink stuff after I get it taken in the next day or 2. It turned out quite cute.