Thursday, July 13, 2006

more pink

I made myself a pink skirt from a tablecloth I got on clearance at Target a while back. I made a green tee too and I'm happy! with the pattern. A small miracle. I have a hard shape to fit, at least to fit the way I want t-shirts to fit.

Next up are the pants for my ebay set that needs to be finished up asap. And then I'm thinking about a little t-shirt modification for D; dh's uncle works at Sundance and has a rescue dog he has trained. We have a t-shirt in an adult size with a pic of the dog on it. I'm going to cut the shirt down and resew it in D's size. Then... I have a camo project in mind for ebay.

I'm also expecting a big box from tomorrow. My biggest fabric order yet, 17 yards. They are having a great sale! Under $2/yd for everything I bought.