Thursday, June 01, 2006


I quilted my mom's memory quilt yesterday and the day before. I did free motion quilting. I have these nifty quilting gloves with rubber dots on the palms and fingers but guess what, if your quilt has shiny fabric on the bottom the gloves don't help. It was like the shiny fabric (from my grandma's wedding dress) was sticking to the metal plate under the presser foot. I had to take the gloves off and actually grip the fabric with my hands. It was quite tiring and made me stiff too.

My mom made the quilt top and I'm just helping her finish it. Her mother, my grandma, died a year and a half ago? Yes I think that's right. The quilt top is made of some hankies and clothing items of my Grandma's. Mom has glued on some trinkets and jewelry items to the quilt top and she's going to sew buttons from the wedding dress on the quilt after it's all done. And also she will be appliqueing 9 photo transfers of my grandma to the quilt top after it's done. Left for me to help her with is the binding, making a pocket on the back so she can write about each photo and about the quilt and then store that with the quilt, and a hanging sleeve on the back of the quilt. Busy!

I sold 2 custom outfits from my last ebay auction and possibly a couple of hats too. I have shirts and shorts cut out and need to get going on them but have been busy with my out of town company.

I am thinking about making snap trainers for my friend H who is ECing her new baby. I also need to make a few more for J who is outgrowing his blue and white ones. I need to figure out the cost on all of the materials and get my order in on that.