Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Halloween Wrap-up

We had a busy week or so of Halloween celebrations including a school party, preschool wear-your-costume-to-school day, church party, and the actual day of trick-or-treating. It was fun but I'm glad it's over.

I quilted my pumpkin mini-quilt at a Seattle MQG sew-in and got it bound and on my wall a couple weeks ago.
fall mini quilts 
I made the leaf quilt in either 2010 or 2009. It has been fun to see all the modern maples quilts on instagram and blogs the last couple weeks. My maple is a little different, and smaller, but I love the big block and autumn colors people have been using in their modern maple quilts.

I've been cross stitching but it is slow going.
Halloween sampler half done
I got about half way done with my Halloween sampler and decided to take a break from it and work on my Woodland Sampler again. I took a photo of my Woodland Sampler but the fabric weave made the photo all crazy so I'll try again soon so I can show that off here. The Frosted Pumpkin has some cute Christmas patterns coming out soon, but I want to finish up the two samplers I have started before I start something else.

And I made a mermaid costume. I made the mermaid skirt based on this tutorial, with a couple small changes.
mermaid skirt
For the mermaid top, I used an Ottobre pattern to make a velour tank top. I winged it for the flounce/peplum, and then started to do a rolled hem with my serger but it was bunchy and yucky so I cut it off and left it unhemmed. Here's my girl wearing both parts of the costume:
She had pink hair and wore a cute wreath/crown thing in her hair along with her costume for the church party. Her hair is still a bit pink; that stuff takes a while to wash out. Here's what all three kids wore out trick-or-treating on Halloween.

We had a joker thing going on with the boys, and my girl decided to wear a princess costume (I think that's what she called it) instead of the mermaid which she had already worn twice by then.

The candy is mostly gone! and things are pretty good. The girl had a 12 hour tummy bug but she's feeling a lot better. I'm working on a couple quilts and ordered the template so I can make my Double Wedding Ring Challenge quilt.


The Reader said...

Cute! I love that you are so multi-talented; costumes scare me, LOL! (well, garments in general...)

and I adore your pumpkin and maple leaf -- especially love the corner of color binding on the maple leaf. So fun!

laura capello said...

love that pumpkin so much!

i'm working on two modern maple "mug rugs" - it's such a sweet little block.

oh! and i wish you linked your template for the double wedding ring - let me know how it works out. the one i bought a paper piecing patter for was TINY and i want to make one that has a ring that's at least 12"

miss you! hooray for social media!

Elizabeth said...

I'm a little behind here. I love your Halloween cross-stitch! It is very pretty! And your Halloween minis! Scrappy pumpkins are a favorite of mine, as are Maple Leaves. And the mermaid costume is perfect!

xo -E