Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Binary Challenge

Seattle MQG's next quilt exhibit at Island Quilter is coming up and our challenge this time for quilts was 2-color quilts, aka the Binary Challenge.

I had red and white on my mind and decided to make my quilt with scraps. My scraps are all stored in those large ziploc bags (why do we call them gallon size? because they are not) and my white bag was completely full. I don't have a ton of reds but I went through my red scraps and found the fabrics that were only red and white, with no other colors.

Here's a collage of my instagram photos taken as I made the blocks and figured out the quilt layout:

binary quilt progress

I still had a lot of white scraps so I made the back with scraps, too:
binary quilt back 

And then last week I quilted it. I did some hand quilting with red embroidery floss, and then machine quilted.
binary quilting2

binary quilting3 

binary quilt quilted 

It still needs binding and a little more red hand quilting, but I'm happy with it so far!