Monday, May 02, 2011

Sneak Peek

I finished up a quilt this morning and I'm so excited about it. Here's a shot of the binding--I haven't done one of these rolled-up quilt shots before:
rainbow quilt binding
And here's what the quilting looks like:
quilting sneak peek
On the back, that is.

I'm going to wait to show off the whole quilt, because Blogger's Quilt Festival is next week!
Amy's Creative Side | Bloggers' Quilt Festival
Amy hosts Blogger's Quilt Festival twice a year--quilters are invited to share a blog post about any quilt they want, and there are prizes! I didn't think I would get a new quilt done in time for this next Blogger's Quilt Festival, but I did.


Cille said...

It looks fun... Can't wait to see the whole piece. Lovely quilting also. Did you do with a long arm machine or on your regular sewing machine? I'm curious because I would love to copy it :)

Dielle said...

Your quilting is amazing, Vicki! Wow, I'm so super impressed!!!

Jacque. said...

ohmy...I love the quilting and cannot wait to see your entire quilt. I love the Blogger's Quilt Festival...always fun to see all the amazing quilts.

Anonymous said...

So far it looks great. Love the multi-colored binding. Really adds a clean and funky touch to the quilt.

Jan said...

Love the rolled up picture! You do beautiful work, and the colors are always gorgeous.

Kellie said...

Oh I can hardly wait to see the full quilt! So far, it looks fabulous!!

Unknown said...

The binding and the quilting look amazing. I can't wait for the big reveal!

Terri said...

the flowers are gorgeous!