Thursday, April 21, 2011


I took this picture part way through quilting the 3rd side of the outer border of my rainbow 9-patch quilt.
finishing up the quilting.
I seriously need to take a break from it now. (3.5+ hours of quilting over 6 days. Yes, I have kids.) I have a little skirt I need to sew before Sunday and would like to make my drapey cardigan one of these days. (I am making the short one, can you imagine me all wrapped up in the long one?) So I will get back to binding it in a few days.

Also, I wanted to say thank you for all the positive responses and offers to test my Ruffle Crush quilt pattern. I have chosen my testers and will let you all know when the pattern is available to purchase!


Angie said...

It's beautiful. I'm so impressed, too.. I have yet to try free-motion quilting. One day, one day...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Vicki! Have a lovely Easter with your family;)

Elizabeth said...

Such a fun quilt! And your quilting is really pretty!

Good luck getting the skirt done. And the drapey cardigan.

xo -El

Leanne said...

I really like your quilting! The circles on the border are great and I like the squiggles on the edge. Very inspiring!