Saturday, April 09, 2011

Goodnight Monkey Quilt Progress

I sewed up the last 7 blocks for this today:
goodnight monkey blocks
This (above) is just right after I laid them all out and before I moved them around for balance/evenness.
And here's what I think will be the final layout:
revised goodnight monkey layout
I'll look at this photo a bit more and see if there's any changes I think need to be made (the rows are labeled and it is picked up already). It is hard to get everything arranged all evenly and without a lot of color clumps. I think it is probably good enough though.

I'm excited. This has taken a long time, but that's ok.

Also, I exercised (I did the 30 day shred 4x this week), oh and that's all I did besides sew and feed the family. My husband made a gate with the neighbor so we can share his riding mower, he mowed and fixed the pipe coming out from our sump pump, we both visited with neighbors a bit. I did direct some morning chores being done by my boys; life is better when they do more work around here.

How is your weekend going?


QuiltNut Creations said...

super cute quilt

Alisa said...

I like it!

I like the toys there on the side of the pic. Looks so very real. I love it when my kids help out too. Which they do.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic quilt and congratulations on a great week of excersise!!!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Very cute! I love the colors!